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Before choosing the right +Plussock
there are three things you need to think about...

Push 'Play' and then Marathon runner Liza Tuperna sums it all up in 1 minut and 38 sec...


seesize seesize
seesize seesize


A good compression sock is not bought according to shoe size..!

You will only get the optimal fit and the best utilisation of the +PLUSSOCK when you buy the size that fits you exactly. The most important choice after gender is the size of your calf in cm. So when you’ve measured your calf at the widest place – well, then you know which size to get by looking at the size chart here.







Remember to be aware of which compression pressure you choose: +Plussock comes in a 'Medium' and a 'High' compression model. Want to know more about it before you choose? - then read more about it under 'Plussock Stuff' and watch Liza's advise above'
Medium Compression

High Compression

Medium Compression

High Compression

+PLUSSOCK Winter compression 435 kr.

The winter sock is made from the finest Merino Silk Wool, and we're sure yuo'll fint it one of the most comfortable socks you're ever worn. The socks gives you full graduated compression. The graduated compression pressure: 24 mmHg around ankle, falling gradually to around 16 mmHg below the knee.
Winter Compression

UNISEX: Power Calf 375 kr.

The +PLUSSOCK COMPRESSION POWER CALVES will give you an extremely tight feeling of compression. Some may say that the calves are difficult to put on, but when you're out on the track, you'll fell like you've put on a superman costume and that you're almost ready to fly. Power is the word - so go ahead: swim, bike run… The graduated compression pressure: 27 mmHg around the ankle, falling gradually to around 23,6 mmHg below the knee, which is only 12,5% decrease. This gives you an extremely tight sleeve which keeps the calf movement to a minimum even under extreme conditions.
Power Calf

Running Stimulation - Woman 248 kr.

We have designed the RUNNING STIMULATION SOCKS for two needs: 1. The need to reduce pain caused by a prolabsed forefoot.
2. The need to minimise pain originating from the arch area.
Read more about this revolutionary Running sock…


TrimTex Refleks Løbeklubben på Facebook hue

BLIV SET hue med Løbeklubben på Facebook logo Hue lavet med tusindevis små reflekser på hele ydersiden. Lavet sammen med Løbeklubben på Facebook, for at sikre bedre synlighed i trafikken.

Norske Trimtex, der er kendt for at lave holdbare varer, har produceret den og huen er en størrelse 58 beanie, der bør passe alle. Der er mesh for på indersiden, for hurtig absorbtion af fugt, så huden ikke irriteres.

Ved køb af et par + Plussock Vinter kompres strømper følger huen gratis med, sålænge lager haves. Kan også købes i løsvægt for 250 kr.


UNISEX - 250 kr.
Hue eks. Sokker

UNISEX - 435 kr.
Hue inkl. +PLUSSOCK Winter Compression