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Remember to get the right size, watch the video above to get information about how to find it.




The winter sock is made from the finest Merino silk wool, and we’re sure you’ll find it one of the most comfortable socks
you’ve ever worn.
The sock gives you full graduated compression in combination with silk wool warmth and comfort. We call it ‘The Power of Comfort’. Why? Because when you’re comfortable and pain free, your body performs better, allowing you to forget about what you’re wearing and enjoy the moment.

So embrace your winter training with +PLUSSOCK Winter Compression Socks. You’ll stay energetic, pain free, warm and comfortable while you run, bike, ski – whatever…




Correctly graduated compression pressure: 24 mmHg around the ankle (1A), falling gradually to around 16.8 mmHg below the knee (1B). This means it is a medium compression sock.


For your optimal comfort, we have used the finest Merino silk wool as the main fibre of the sock. It is super soft and provides an excellent environment for your feet
as it handles moisture better and smarter than any other compression sock.
This means that your skin is kept dry, and disagreeable smells are reduced.

Do note that silk wool is more elastic than other compression sock material and you have to wash the
socks between every sporting event.

Otherwise the compression will not be optimal.
And due to the higher elasticity of the wool, women and men fit the same sock. So therefore the size is unisex.

No his and hers!


For optimal comfort, the socks have a right and left foot.
The ’Heel Impact Zone’ (3A) is produced as a Y-heel, giving it a blister-free fit.
The ’Toe Impact Zone’ (3B) has an efficient seam that prevents irritation during long runs.

Both zones have extra reinforcement with several layers
of material, which makes the sock more hard-wearing and
provides the highest degree of comfort.


An extra comfortable anatomical middle foot area provides
good shock absorption, slip resistance and top-notch comfort.


A wide elastic comfort edge ensures that the sock is held
firmly to the leg in all conditions.


Last but not least dear athletes: you only get the optimal
benefit, if you buy the right size!
In order to achieve the optimal benefit of the sock, you need to measure the size of your calf in cm at the widest place. Take care when you measure your calf - choosing the wrong size will not provide you with the efficient graduated compression of the sock, and you will not benefit from all
the good things, the sock can do for you …