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If you have bought this sock, then you’re holding a small running gear revolution in your hand right now..!
+PLUSSOCK always focuses on an innovative and smart construction. And the RUNNING STIMULATION SOCKS have just that!

We have designed the RUNNING STIMULATION SOCKS for two needs:
1. The need to reduce pain caused by a prolapsed forefoot.
2. The need to minimise pain originating from the arch area.

Our tests of +PLUSSOCK RUNNING STIMULATION SOCKS have shown positive results among 80% of the users. So the chance of you minimizing your pain, soreness and irritation in the arch and forefoot areas is rather high. We hope you’ll find the relief you need to keep running …


1. Neuromuscular stimulation cushion…
An innovative comfort cushion is incorporated in the sock, right where the joints of the mid-foot bones hit the ground.
The cushion is intended to have a subtle neuromuscular stimulation effect. In popular terms: Your brain registers that your forefoot cannot be used to its full potential on
the cushion area, thus spreading the impact to the rest of the forefoot. And this can help relieve the pain caused by a prolapsed forefoot.

2A+2B. Arch stimulation bands – vertical & horizontal…

An innovative combination of a narrow vertical elastic band (2A) and a wider horizontal band (2A) - each knitted in different patterns - makes up a firm cross around the arch.

The cross holds the arch in a firm and tight grip, which ensures that the foot is held in a fairly neutral position, avoiding too exaggerated pronation. The idea behind is that this will minimize pain and soreness.


3. Prolen® materials…
The STIMULATION SOCK is knitted from yarn containing the anti-bacterial fibres Prolen®.These fibres efficiently prevent bacterial and fungal growth. This means that the skin is kept dry, and disagreeable smells are reduced.


4A+4B. High impact zones...

The socks come with a right and a left foot. The ’Heel Impact Zone’ (4A) is developed as a Y-heel, giving it a blister-free fit. The ’Toe Impact Zone’ (4B) has an efficient seam made with flat toesewing on the outside that prevents irritation during long runs.

5. Light Achilles support
The sock supports the lowest and most fragile part of the Achilles tendon, providing a light achilles support. However, please choose +PLUSSOCK SPORTS COMPRESSION SOCKS for strong Achilles support.

6. Elastic comfort edge
An elastic band above the ankle ensures that the sock is held firmly in place at the ankle at all times.

Last but not least dear athletes: you only get the optimal benefit, if you buy the right size!
The sizes are normal shoe sizes and each size only covers two shoe sizes in order to meet the individual athlete’s needs as precisely as possible.
Do note the fact that women and men have different lasts, and therefore it is important to choose the right sock according to gender.