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+PLUSSOCK COMPRESSION POWER CALVES will give you an extremely tight feeling of compression. Some may say that the calves are difficult to put on, but when you’re out on the track,

you’ll feel like you’ve put on a superman costume and that you’re almost ready to fly. Power is the word – so go ahead: swim, bike, run...

These calf sleeves will be one of the best pieces of sports gear you’ve ever had!



Graduated compression pressure: 27 mmHg around the ankle (1A), falling gradually to around 23.6 mmHg below the knee (1B), which is only a 12.5% decrease.
This gives you an extremely tight sleeve which keeps the calf movement to a minimum even under extreme conditions.
This compression zone puts +PLUSSOCK COMP RESSION POWER CALVES in the ‘High compression’ category, as most compression brands have a lower
mmHg pressure.

For the most effective fit, we have used yarn containing the antibacterial fibres Prolen®. The fibres
efficiently prevent bacterial and fungal growth, keeping the skin dry.
As the calves are also made for swimming, the knitting is very tight and the fibres are resistant to
sucking up water, which means that a dry feeling will set in quickly once out of the water (if you should
choose any water tracks).
Women and men fit the same
calves – and therefore the COMPRESSION POWER CALVES are unisex.

The only size parameter is the measurement of your calf…


We have developed a new sewing technique which prevents the calves from creeping up your ankle.

Both zones have extra reinforcement with several layers of material, which makes the sock more hard-wearing and provides the highest degree of comfort.


The calves have been designed with a light Achilles support.
However, if you need strong Achilles support, please choose +PLUSSOCK SPORTS COMPRESSION SOCKS.

A wide elastic comfort edge just below the knee ensures that the COMPRESSION POWER CALVES are held firmly to the leg under all conditions, no matter if you swim, cycle, run or play…


Last but not least dear athletes: you only get the optimal
benefit, if you buy the right size!
In order to achieve the optimal benefit of the sock, you need to measure the size of your calf in cm at the widest place. Take care when you measure your calf - choosing the wrong size will not provide you with the efficient graduated compression of the sock, and you will not benefit from all
the good things, the sock can do for you …