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+PLUSSOCK has been in the development for several years.

The 7 minute film gives you a short inside into the core features of +PLUSSOCK's '7 Degree Fit System' as well as introducing you to the team and the expertise behind the running gear; +PLUSSOCK.



Buying a pair of +PLUSSOCK is not just buying a pair of sports socks. You will buy running gear that ensures you'll have an optimal run and post-run!

As you could see in the film, +PLUSSOCK is primarily built around 7 features. Our +PLUSSOCK 7 DEGREE FIT SYSTEM®. And here you have them in detail – in writing:




The +PLUSSOCK has a correctly graduated compression pressure. The only type of sock graduation that actually has an effect. The pressure is always 100% around the ankle (1A), falling gradually to 70% right below the knee (1B).

As you can read in the section about sizes and compression pressure, the +PLUSSOCK is one of the only sports compression socks which features both a medium and a high compression sock. And that means you can find a sock to fit your needs more accurately.


The +PLUSSOCK has an extra and truly unique compression zone around the Achilles tendon, developed on the basis of many years of medical experience in the area. The zone is an extra precaution when you want to avoid problems in the Achilles tendon. And if you’ve already had problems with the Achilles tendon, well – the zone will help relieving and preventing pain and injuries in just that place.

The special compression pressure around the Achilles tendon reduces the risk that the tissue swells when you run.


The +PLUSSOCK has two efficient Kinesio bands in a straight line from the Achilles comfort zone – one on each side of the calf, all the way to below the knee. The Kinesio bands provide sensory motor stimulation, i.e. the bands activate the neurological circulation by massaging and stimulating while at the same time providing support and stability to the muscles so that soreness and pain is theoretically reduced.


The +PLUSSOCK has a particularly comfortable middle foot area which provides perfect shock absorption, slip-resistance and top-notch comfort, even during demanding runs. And at the same time, air ducts in the area mean less heat and a better climate for your feet when you’re on the move for a long time.





Heel and toe are ’High Impact zones’. And therefore the +PLUSSOCK has extra, built-in reinforcement in these areas. Both zones are reinforced with several extra layers of material, which makes the sock even more hard-wearing while at the same time providing a high degree of comfort when the heel and toe hits the ground.

The ’Toe Impact zone’ has an efficient and almost invisible seam (on which we have worked hard), and that means that the toes are not irritated during long runs.

The ’Heel impact zone’ has an optimal firm fit to best prevent blisters.


The +PLUSSOCK is knitted from yarn containing the anti-bacterial fibres Prolen® Siltex and Prolen® Bodyfresh. The fibres efficiently prevent bacterial and fungal growth. In short, this means that bad smells are reduced and the skin’s natural balance is kept closely to status quo. In the long run, this provides a more hygienic climate in both shoe and stocking.


The +PLUSSOCK is cut off just below the knee with a wide, flexible comfort edge that ensures that the sock is held firmly to the leg in all conditions – even in the case of very demanding runs.


So all in all, +PLUSSOCK is quality running gear – probably one of the best compression socks for sports use – if we are to say so ourselves …