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The most important choice after gender is the size of your calf in cm. So when you’ve measured your calf at the widest place – well, then you know which size to get by looking at the sizes below.

A good compression sock is not bought according to shoe size..!



With +PLUSSOCK, you can choose between ’Medium Compression’ and ’High Compression socks” – one of the only sports compression socks with this feature. What’s the difference? We’ll let the research scientists explain themselves:

’We’ve developed the +PLUSSOCK with two types of compression: high and medium. Medium compression is intended for most people – typically for people who want a sports compression sock, but who don’t have an actual problem. A kind of preventative sock.

High compression, however, is for people with a prior problem in the peroneus and/or the Achilles tendon. In this case, more compression in the soft parts is needed. This sock could also be used if your doctor or physiotherapist thinks that compression socks might be a good idea – but you don’t have a need for an outright medical compression sock. Both types of socks can be used as flight socks. In the end, it’s your own choice – try both types at your retailer’s and find out what fits your need.