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Our Facebook page is on the way. Here you'll have access to most of the 'Friend's Programme', and in the near future, you can watch all our videos on our own YouTube channel. And - again - remember to sign up for our news letter...


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+PLUSSOCK has been developed through a long process with many test underway. However, we are very satisfied with the result and many of our users agrees with us that we have developed something unique, something extra – something +.


Plus means that you “add some”/”increase the existing value”/”something that makes you better”. These meanings makes it a very positive word, that are also short and easy to remember. And as some said to us: “Try to say it out loud: +PLUSSOCK – it sounds really good!”.  And the slogan “Developed by Scientists. Appreciated by Athletes” says it all: this is a product from us who work with physical injuries on a daily basis, to you – the serious runners and athlets..


And last but not least the symbol “+” helps us to remember that +PLUSSOCK is developed by people who know what they are doing.



If yes, then go watch our video with tips and trics on how to get it on easy.

Does it have to be hard to put on?

The answer is yes and it is very simple: if +PLUSSOCK weren't difficult to put on, they wouldn't work. End of story!

Your must feel a distinct pressure in your lower legs, and the pressure around your ankle must be the greatest.

But that means that it's especially hard to get the sock's narrow ankle area wrapped in place. But it IS possible in 10seconds per sock – only few secunds of extra patience than when you put on a normal sock.


The +PLUSSOCK is knitted from yarn containing the anti-bacterial fibres Prolen® Siltex and Prolen® Bodyfresh. The fibres efficiently prevent bacterial and fungal growth. In short, this means that bad smells are reduced and the skin's natural balance is kept closely to status quo. In the long run, this provides a more hygienic climate in both shoe and stocking.

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We all know the feeling: Phew, it's too hot for knee-high socks today. Or oh no, my legs look fat in these socks combined with short tights. So the good question is: is there a short version +PLUSSOCK?

And the answer is just as short: no. And why?

Well, of course we really want to give you what you're asking as our friend, but not if we have to compromise on the effect. The full effect of the sock comes from a combination of compression over the entire lower leg AND the specifically developed protection of the Achilles tendon – i.e. the full 'PLUSSOCK 7 degree Fit system'.

A short model would mean that +PLUSSOCK will lose a great deal of the compression, and thus the effect fails to happen. We'd quite simply be cheating you – and we don't want that.

Since the socks are made from Prolen (R) they're not that hot to wear, even if it's warm. 


As one of the few sports compression socks, Kinesio tape is incorporated directly in +PLUSSOCK.

Kinesio tape was developed by chiropractor and kinesiologist Kenzo Kaze in start of the 1970's.

Via his studies of the body, he discovered that the tape provided support and stability for joints and muscles without influencing the freedom of movement of the body or the joints. Today, the taping method is also used for preventative measures, oedema and pain management.

Kinesio taping is a technique based on the body's own, natural healing process, and the tape works effectively via activation of the neurological circulation.

In high-level sports, the Japanese Olympic volleyball team started using the tape – but the rumour about the tape's amazing effect on the athletes quickly spread to athletes in other sports.

Today, Kinesio tape is accepted by doctors for treatment within various areas, and it is expected that Kinesio tape will open up other areas within clinical treatment in the future.

+PLUSSOCK has built-in Kinesio tape in the calf area.