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+PLUSSOCK can help reduce pain, muscle cramps, swollenness and stiffness of the legs. And at the same time, +PLUSSOCK can provide you with a bit more energy and stamina so that your run and post-run might be more comfortable, and maybe most importantly: help you regenerate faster so that you can get out and do what you love so much: running ...

We really want to help you run more, longer – and better! And it's not important whether you're a recreational or a competitive athlete..!

So it is important to us that you realise that with +PLUSSOCK you haven't just bought a pair of sports socks – you've bought help to run better – perform better...


The Danish newspaper 'Politiken' is one of the most respected newspapers in Danmark.  'Politiken' tested out five sports compression sock brands - and +PLUSSOCK came out as the test winner with six checkmarks out of six possible. Hooray!

Naturally, this makes us very proud , as we have put a lot of effort into the development and production of +PLUSSOCK. And the result of this test tells us that we're going in the right direction in our effort to help runners towards more optimal running experiences.   Read the article


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+PLUSSOCK SPORTS COMPRESSION SOCK is our classic sports sock.

You get the socks in to types of compression: HIGH and MEDIUM compression.


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We have designed the RUNNING STIMULATION SOCKS for two needs:
1. The need to reduce pain caused by a prolapsed forefoot.

2. The need to minimise pain originating from the arch area.


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The +PLUSSOCK WINTER COMPRESSION SOCKS  is made from the finest Merino silk wool, and we’re sure you’ll find it one of the most comfortable socks you’ve ever worn.
The sock gives you full graduated compression in combination
with silk wool warmth and comfort.

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+PLUSSOCK COMPRESSION POWER CALVES will give you an extremely tight feeling of compression. Some may say that the calves are difficult to put on, but when you’re out on the track, you’ll feel like you’ve put on a superman costume and that you’re almost ready to fly. Power is the word – so go ahead:
swim, bike, run...
These calf sleeves will be one of the best pieces of sports gear you’ve ever had!


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